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In this section, you can find out about National Grid’s purpose, vision, strategy and values. Read about our people, our financial performance, corporate governance and our history.

National Grid lies at the heart of a transforming energy system.

Our business areas play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use, while continually seeking ways to make the energy system cleaner. National Grid Ventures and National Grid Partners also enable innovations to help revolutionise and decarbonise the future of energy.


Our business areas

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What role does National Grid play in my energy bill?

We receive a lot of questions about how your household energy bills are made up, and which parts of your bill relate to National Grid.

The bill you receive from your energy supplier is made up of a number of separate charges. Some of these charges are based on the different stages through which electricity makes its way from the producers to your home, so we explain this journey and where National Grid fits in.

Watch the video about our role in your bill

Our strategic priorities

To achieve our vision of being at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future in a focused way we have a strategy that sets the bounds of our business. Guiding our efforts within this are four strategic priorities. We explain each one below.

We’ll enable the energy transition for all

Climate change remains the defining issue of our generation and time is running out to take action and limit global warming to 1.5C – the world community needs to act now to avoid the worst effects.

This requires fast, fundamental changes from governments, society and businesses like ours. So, as we continue to deliver the safe, reliable and secure flow of energy for our customers and communities today, we’ll also build a cleaner, greener future. 

At National Grid, we’re committed to net zero for our own emissions by 2050, with a reduction of 80% by 2030 and 90% by 2040. We’ll also play a critical role in helping the communities we serve to achieve the same. 

We’re enabling this by investing £30-35 billion over the next five years in the critical infrastructure and innovation needed to make net zero possible, of which £24 billion will go directly into clean energy solutions. This makes us one of the biggest green investors in the sector, allowing us to revolutionise and decarbonise the energy future across electricity, gas and renewables for the benefit of everyone.

We’ll deliver for our customers efficiently

We’re here for our customers, delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy around the clock no matter what the weather.

This has never been more important than in a world where we’re experiencing the effects of a global pandemic, war in Europe, an energy price crisis and the rising cost of living in the US and UK.

As a responsible business, we’re committed to ensuring everyone can afford to pay for their essential energy needs and that no one gets left behind in the clean energy transition.

We’re doing this by focusing our investment where we can have the greatest positive impact on customers’ lives and wider society, doing so in the most efficient way, so that bills don’t become a burden.

We’re also strengthening our relationships with regulators and policymakers to deliver the best possible outcomes for consumers, and we’re driving up our customer service levels to create a great experience of National Grid.

We’ll grow our organisational capability

The energy transition is accelerating and to stay ahead we need to continue evolving as a company. That’s why we put in place a new Group operating model.

Our businesses make sure we’re close to our stakeholders and customers on the ground, so that we can build strong relationships and respond quickly to their changing needs. Our global functions support our businesses, making it easier for them to get the job done. 

Through a digital first approach, we’re transforming the clean energy landscape on the outside, innovating sustainable energy solutions at the cutting edge of engineering and asset management.

We’re also working smarter on the inside, simplifying and standardising our systems and processes, so we do things once and always in the most effective way.

Over the next decade, we’ll unlock value by anticipating and adapting to changes faster and better than ever before, strengthening our customer focus and sharpening our commercial edge. We’ll also plan for the long-term, identifying the future workforce and supply chain partnerships we need to deliver net zero.

We’ll empower our people for great performance

National Grid is at the heart of the energy future, and our people are at the heart of National Grid. We are 30,000 colleagues strong, and when each individual is supported to succeed, we’re even stronger.

Guided by our values, we are building diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the communities we serve, attracting the best talent and recognising great achievements.

We support our colleagues to speak up when something doesn’t feel right and to stand up for safety, making safe choices, challenging unsafe conditions and learning from incidents to prevent them from happening again.

We prioritise learning and personal development, so that every colleague can perform at their best and reach their full potential.

We provide secure jobs for all our colleagues and support them through life’s challenges.

And we’re helping create thousands of green jobs alongside development opportunities for young and underrepresented people, developing the right skills now and in the future to accelerate the energy transition.



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